Ristorante L'Appetito has an enticing cocktail menu embellished with little delicacies from Italy and France. L'Appetito gives you the chance to unwind and relax for a while. Enjoy a cool cocktail or other refreshments and relax in the delightful ambience of our Italian setting.


Our cocktails are made with loving care and appreciation of good ingredients - at Ristorante L'Appetito we mix the best spirits into our cocktails, our fruit juices are freshly pressed and each cocktail is created and served by first-class bar staff.


In addition to a number of popular cocktails and the bar's own cocktails, L'Appetito offers a wide range of Italian cocktails created using spirits imported straight from Italy. Our enthusiasm behind the bar contributes to creating a jolly and buzzing atmosphere which warms the heart.


Our bar has a wide selection of absolutely delicious cocktails created with enthusiasm by our expert bar staff. Our top priority for our cocktails is our uncompromising choice of top-quality ingredients and spirits.


We look forward to making you welcome in a euphoric cocktail universe, where all cocktails have been selected carefully in order to cover a wide spectrum of subtle flavours, whether it is a classic cocktail, or a more adventurous and unique taste experience.